Sarkodie says he is a stingy man

The new craze on social media now is ‘Stingy Men Association’ where some men are proclaiming that they won’t give money to ladies this year 2021.

Their motto is ‘let me see what I can do’ anytime a lady asks for favour.

At the back of this new social media trend, membership cards are created for interested members which bear their image and name.

Well, rapper after spotting one such membership cards on social media has said that he feels disrespected for not been the first person to hold the card.

“What sort of disrespect is this … been seeing a lot of you guys getting this card before me like how ?”, he tweeted.

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Sarkodie says he is a stingy man

Over the years, Sarkodie has been branded as the ‘King of Stinginess’ it appears he has now accepted the title gladly.

He even deserves President position in the ‘Stingy Men Association.

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