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Sarkodie was paid $131k, but they told Shatta Wale he is not worth the $120k he charged


Me and you have been wondering what exactly lead to the breakdown of the strong ShattaSark in the music industry to the extent of Sarkodie advising his brodaman Shatta Wale for disrespecting and trying to turn his people against him.

Wale said in an interview that, Sarkodie has also been disrespecting him on several occasions and he thinks that, him Sarkodie is too known.

Well, We also think that, one of those disrespects could be about the Glo mega concert deal that happened on the 25th of October 2018.

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According to what we know, Shatta Wale charged $120k, Sarkodie Charged $150k but Sark and glo negotiated to pay $131k and they turned Shatta Wale down because according to them he doesn’t deserve the amount he charged. Reports suggest Shatta wanted Sark to boycott the shows. And he didn’t.

Shatta Wale was not happy with the fact that Sarkodie didn’t agreed with him to boycott the show after his amount was rejected because the organisers think, he was not worth the amount he charged but went ahead to perform at the show and took the money reportedly worth $131k.

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After the incident, Shatta Wale went on Twitter to show his displeasure about the issue. Money can spoil friendship.

He said: “Glo said I wasn’t worth the money I asked them to pay me #$120,000.. But I hope they get a change of mind to sign me otherwise nothing like Glo SIM card in any Shatta movement phone.”

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Sarkodie celebrates Shatta Wale’s collaboration with Beyonce and also tried in different ways to reconcile with his brodaman Shatta Wale but his Brodaman Wale is not showing any signs of interest for the reconciliation.

Many fans have been missing the Shatta Sark bond in the Ghanaian music industry.

Sarkodie revealed that, they just have to fix one or two things before they can get back together again but they are not eenemies. He Also revealed that, he missed him.

That’s it.

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