Search for some missing Black children turned chaotic in Milwaukee. A building believed to be aiding in sex trafficking of black girls got burnt in the process.

Chaos erupted in Milwaukee after some black kids went missing. They are believed to have been kidnapped and on the verge of being sold into sex trafficking.

Two teenage girls missing since Sunday afternoon were found according to their family and a house that a crowd believed to be connected to their disappearance has been burned.

The confused situation erupted Tuesday afternoon after community organizers and others were alerted that two teenage girls and other missing children were spotted going between the house and a red van.

Several dozen people gathered outside the house and the Milwaukee Police Department was called. But community organizer Frank Nitty, who arrived on the site after a crowd had begun to gather, expressed frustration with the police response time and perceived lack of action.

“It took them so long to come to our community,” said Nitty, narrating his live stream video on Facebook.

He said that an individual believed to have knowledge of the incident ran from a home at 2120 N. 40th St. to another nearby home and later fled the scene.

After the police left people broke windows at the second home and officers in riot gear returned to the scene. “The guy in the van, he got away,” said Nitty, describing after the fact what he was told had happened.

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Source: Urban Milwaukee