Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kese sometime back bragged about their so-called mansions.

Shatta Wale claimed his mansion is 1 Million Dollars and Kwaw came out to say the mansion can’t be close to the amount mentioned.

Kwaw Kese remarked that he was personally building a 2 Million dollar mansion so with the size and nature of Shatta’s building, it can’t come close to a Million dollar as the dancehall musician was proclaiming.

Kwaw Kese – Unlooking Instrumental ft. Zeal & Samini
Kwaw Kese

Both Shatta Wale and Kwaw claimed that the money they used for building their mansions were proceeds from their music business.

Well, fellow music Elorm Adablah popularly known as EL has come out to say that Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kese lied about their mansions.

EL has stated that anyone who claims to have made a fortune from music alone is a liar.

Thinking Lyrics

“Music is just a means to an end. You cannot leave a legacy through music. It is actually the businesses you use your music for. How much can you sell an album or a song in Ghana? Any artiste who says he made a fortune only through music is a liar”

He stressed “No artiste in Ghana can tell me he built a house or made a big fortune with an album or a particular song. I challenge any musician to come and contest me. It is how you direct your music into other businesses,” he said.

Asked if they do not make enough money from the shows they play, he responded “Forget about the shows because I have mounted every show in Ghana and they don’t pay that much. The money we get from shows is peanuts; it only lasts for a month or two.”

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