‘Shatta Wale be my guy, I still love him’ – Pope Skinny

has said that despite the fact that he’s at logger heads with his former bestie Shatta Wale, he still loves him.

According to him, he does anticipate that a time like this would come when he’ll have beef with the Dancehall musician.

Just that he has never imagined that it’ll be this dirty and serious.

Speaking on Accra-based Hitz FM, said, “I don’t regret, I feel sad for myself but I don’t regret. The only reason why I don’t regret is because I knew a day like this will come but I didn’t know this is how it will happen.”

The noted that because he is humble, he has been able to tolerate Shatta Wale for some time now.

“I have known Shatta for a very long time, it has happen to almost every body and because of how humble and very down to earth I am, I’m able to tolerate him for all this while,” Pop Skinny said, that “we have our good times… we have our bad times and I don’t regret being a friend with Shatta.”

however added that if Shatta Wale call and apologize to him, he will be ready to forgive him.

Listen to interview below:


Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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