Shatta Wale and Kumerican artistes

A Facebook page Tell It All has disclosed the main motive for featuring all the Kumerican artistes.

Facebook page Tell It All says Shatta Wale featured the Kumerican artistes because he is in dire need of a hit song, get street credibility and also to resurrect his dead career.

They made it known in the post that Shatta Wale could have pushed a lot of stars when he was a hot artiste way back but not now that his strength has reduced.

Their post reads:

“Don’t let anyone fool you. Shatta Wale featured all the Kumerican artistes to resurrect his dead career, win street credibility and possibly get a hit song.

He is struggle to get a hit song so he has to make it seem as if he is helping the kumerican artistes but apuuuu.”

Shatta Wale days ago put on a lot of musicians in the Kumerican circles. He featured in their music videos to help them tap into his fan base.

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We hope his mega move yields result.

See the post below:

Shatta Wale and Kumerican artistes

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