Manager of , , has come out to speak on what he makes of the brouhaha surrounding the sacking and break in the relationship between the SM militants and his artiste.

News broke of the sudden departure of SM MIlitants which comprises Natty Lee, Captan, Joint 77 and Addi Self from their mentor and friend Shatta Wale.

My Militants are not smart like Kelvyn Boy and Kuami Eugene ...
Shatta Wale and the SM Militants

Many have read so many meanings into the events that led to their sacking. Shatta Wale has taken time to speak about what actually necessitated his action.

Speaking on the DyabreakHitz Show yesterday with Andy Dosty, Shatta Wale, who has really emotional, said he will be taking back whatever he has given to Joint 77 including a car he bought for him.

Moments thereafter, videos emerged showing Shatta Wale sending security personnel to retrieve his car form Joint 77 who he had banter with on the said show.

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Speaking to the pros and cons of the debacle today on the same show on Hitz FM, Bulldog said Shatta Wale had good intentions for the SM Militants but they betrayed themselves and let his artiste down.

Bulldog Reportedly Arrested Over Unhealthy Remarks Against The ...
Bulldog, Manager of Shatta Wale

“I don’t think Shatta Wale wanted SM Militants to leave his side. He loves them. Someone who doesn’t love you wouldn’t get emotional over you. Just that he is not getting what he wants from them,” he said.

He also said he has spoken to Shatta Wale to return the car to Joint 77 but cannot make the final decision for him.

“I can call Shatta and tell him to reverse the situation on the car. But does Joint want the car issue to be reversed? You understand me?” he added.



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