As you might already know, Samini came out this morning saying that Shatta Wale denied him the chance to perform at the Reign Concert Album launch together with Stonebwoy.

There and then, Shatta Wale quickly replied that he had no idea they were around. So he’s sorry for any inconvenience caused.

A lot of folks on social media were impressed with how Shatta Wale has apologized right a way.

People even said indeed, Sarkodie’s Advice is gradually sinking into his head.

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But then, some investigations and reports from some people who were at the concert is indicating that Shatta Wale was very much aware that Samini and Stonebwoy came around but he intentionally denied them.

Why are we saying this?

Before Samini’s tweet, a top Shatta Wale fan had already revealed that Stonebwoy, Sarkodie and Samini were present to perform at the concert.

However, he’s happy that Shatta Wale has denied them the chance.

Below is a screenshot of what the renowned Shatta fan said:

sm fan

So if a common Shatta fan knew about this, then how is Shatta saying he never had an idea Samini and Stonebwoy were present?

More so, comments made by Bulldog, former manager of Shatta Wale also proves that it was planned beforehand that if Stonebwoy and Samini should show up for any surprise performance, they should be bounced.

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Below are screenshots of a conversations which went on between Bulldog known in real life as Nana Asiamah Hanson and a Stonebwoy fan and media personality identified as Saminiwaa AkyeStill Burniton.

This was Bulldog’s post after the concert praising Shatta Wale that his show has so far being the biggest and highest ever.

Then followed these comments:

From Bulldog’s comments, you can see that denying Samini and Stonebwoy was intentional.

Another folk on social media has also said the same thing:

Someone might be thinking, it’s out of hate that all these are being proven to make Shatta Wale look bad in the eyes of others.

On the contrary, that’s not the case. Some of us are true followers of his Gospel of Love, so when he doesn’t practice what he preaches, it hurts us a lot. The hypocrisy is simply too much.

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