A lady believes the fact that a woman rejects a man on the first show of interest does not mean the man must give up on her.

According to her, a man giving up just because his first proposal of love wasn’t accepted reveals the unserious of him towards building a relationship with the woman.


There are just a few men who have the patience to wait a minute to tolerate a rejection from a woman and just a handful can give it another try.

Most men fear or hate to be rejected. Therefore, when they are rejected at the initial stages, the fire to continue with the chase quenches and they lose interest suddenly.

However, it appears most ladies reject men at the first stage for several reasons. Reasons like they want to know the man’s seriousness, whether the man is really in for this or not and a mechanism to test the character of the man.

Most men fail these somewhat archaic tests of some of these women and they look elsewhere.

That is why Palonzy, through a tweet, is urging men to exercise restraint when they are rejected by women they express interest in.

These are some of the comments the post garnered:

Vanessa Onika reacted: They don’t read their bibles sigh

Tech Junction wrote: Never give up is for money

Afena Katakyie commented: U rejected him because he proposed just once. Sis are you serious at all? What happened to opportunity comes but once?

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh