Sherifa Gunu is a Ghanaian soul musician from the Northern sector of . She is recognised for singing most of her songs in her local dialect ‘Dagbon’.

Over some few weeks ago, Sherifa was all over social media platforms after she made a controversial revelation in an interview about how has been refusing to answer her calls.

According to her, she planned a collaboration with Sarkodie on her song. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t reach out to ‘Obidi’ after calling him several times on the phone. This made her put Ras Kuku on the song instead of Sarkodie.


However, on United showbiz, a program aired on UTV with as the host, Sherifa detailed how her revelation about Sarkodie has landed her in trolls on social media.

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Meanwhile, she didn’t actually meant it in a negative way but was falsely spread by bloggers who impersonated her.

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