Executive Director of the Salt and Light Ministries and politician, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee has shared some nuggets with her listeners today on the radio.

In an interview on the YLeaderboard Series on YFM which was anchored by Rev Erskine, the seasoned stateswoman said shortcuts do not exist in life.

According to her, people who can wait until the time is right are the ones that reap the fruit of their labour.

In elaborating, she articulated her point by stating that many are so quick to rise to the top without ready to go through the required processes.

Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee was of the view that as the day does not rush into the night without transitioning from seconds to minutes to hours, the same way we must inculcate such sense of patience in everything we do.

“Shortcuts do not exist in life- just as we wait for day and night, and there is no shortcut to seeing day earlier or later than usual. We wait!! That’s nature telling us something,” she said.

She also spoke about COVID-19, her personal life and other national issues.