Showboy jailed for 6 years for stabbing Shatta Wale’s friend, Junior US

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showboy jailed

2HypeGang CEO, Sam Safo popularly known as Showboy has being jailed for 6 years after stabbing Shatta Wale’s friend, Junior US in 2016.

They’ve been going to court for the past 3 years on this issue and finally, Showboy has been jailed for 6 years after he was found guilty.

From what reported, Showboy had an argument with the said man sometime ago, and he first attacked him in a car garage, so in revenge, he also stabbed him in self defense when he came to his apartment to cause trouble.

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According to Showboy, Junior disrespected his boss, Criss Waddle by calling him broke and all sort of names, something that pissed him off and started the whole argument, which has now landed him jail time.

Showboy in Court
Showboy in Court

Showboy’s partner in crime, fatpu**y055, the stubborn and anonymous Snapchat girl has also confirmed the news of his jail time.

A source in the USA who lives very close to Showboy has also confirmed the news to

Junior, the man Showboy stabbed
Junior, the man Showboy stabbed

Showboy’s last post on Snapchat was when he was in court for the case.

Showboy last snapchat post

It’s unfortunate and we feel sad for the young man. We will miss him and his controversies for the next 6 years, but it’s possible he might appeal his sentence.

In case, you didn’t get to watch that video in which he stabbed Junior, then do so below:

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