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Signs the woman you are dating will make a great mom


Well, there isn’t a specific test you can give your girlfriend to see if she qualifies to be a mother in the future. Even so, there are always some leading signs you can use to tell what kind of mom she is will be.

For example, if you have noted these signs, chances are that your woman will be a great mom to your kids in the future:

1. She is good with kids

This is the first sign you should watch out for. How does she relate with kids even if it’s strangers? Is she kind to them and do kids love her? If that’s the case, there is no doubt that she will be an amazing mom.

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2. She doesn’t mind a little mess

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean to say that the house should be untidy to an extent that it stinks. But hey, if she can stand a little bit of a mess once in a while, that’s a good sign. With children, it’s almost impossible to keep the house neat and in order always. So if she can stand the kind of mess caused by children, good for you.

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3. She can do the gross work

Well, this is a tough one but a woman who doesn’t mind cleaning up a mess might end up making a great mom. If she can change diapers for a friend without throwing up, that woman will definitely be a great mom.

4. She is patient even when there’s chaos

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Kids can drive you mad and need a lot of patience. If your girlfriend acts relaxed and doesn’t make rushed decisions when angry, then she can handle kids well.

5. She sacrifices for others

Motherhood is about caring for others and sometimes having to sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of your kids. If she is that caring friend and goes the extra mile to make everyone around her smile, you chose the right one.

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