Kevin Taylor is calling for equality in the treatment of all Ghanaians who have died through COVID-19.

Ghanaian media personnel based in the US Kevin Taylor has expressed a mixed feelings at how Sir John’s COVID-19 death is being given a special treatment and attention by the Ghanaian leaders while others who died through the same disease is left with little or no condolence.

In a post he made via his Facebook page, Kevin noted that he isn’t speaking ill about late Sir John or trying to disrespect the Kate’s family but all Ghanaians who died through the COVID-19 deserve the same treatment.

He wrote:

“Before the death of Sir John Ghana had recorded over 115 deaths, Withallduerespect to Sir Johns family I don’t think the death of Sir John should be considered heartbreaking than the other souls we have lost through covid-19 as a nation. I think it’s about time we started treating humans( Ghanaians) the same irrespective of the position they hold, that’s the only way people we have in power will respects we the citizens and do the right thing. With the greatest of respect to Sir John, today he is also one of the statistics. #focus #ripsirjohn”

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