Home Technology Siri now answers your corona Virus Questions.

Siri now answers your corona Virus Questions.


The apple voice assistance, Siri, is now programmed by apple to answer questions about the corona virus disease.

The voice assistance has been programmed to answer questions using US public health data and CDC data.

Siri ask the users several questions about their current health status in order to tell if they have the corona virus or not.

If the symptoms appear to be extreme, the voice assistance will tell you to call 911 or it will redirect you to the Apple store in order to download health apps that will enable you to get into contact with health workers.

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Preventive measures and tips are being provided to users by Siri in order to prevent the user from being affected by the disease.

The newly updated Siri shows the effort Apple is making to fight the corona virus disease.

Apple has also donated $15 million in relief efforts, millions of face mask healthcare workers in Europe and U.S

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