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Sista Afia gives men a relationship tip

Cheating in relationships has become a major concern in recent times.

When you ask many people who were once in a relationship, most of them will tell you that the reason they broke up was because their partner cheated on them.

Cheating actually tears the heart apart — it crushes trust, and once there’s no trust in the relationship, the union takes a nose dive.


And the fact is both men and women cheat.

Well, Ghanaian musician has given men a relationship tip on how to prevent their girlfriend’s from cheating on them.

According to her in a tweet, she said if men can share passwords to their phone with their girls, there’s no way she can cheat on him.

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Guys, give your girl friend the passwords on your phone and she will never cheat on you, is this difficult to ask?’, she quizzed.


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