Medikal’s ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby schooled Berla Mundi on how to get the right husband as she clashed with her.

The peaceful clash that occurred on Twitter got initiated after Berla Mundi tweeted:

 “believe it or not women with less friends make a good wife.” She asked her fans to debate whether it is true or false.

Berla Mundi

Sister Derby while commenting on Berla’s post wrote  “what about abusive husbands who prefer their wives with less friends so they can beat their wives in peace? No one to advise their wives for their own betterment.”

Berla Mundi who felt like educating Sister Derby replied her tweet with:

“That’s the other side of the issue too. But it means you should have a few good friends that can advise you the right way.”

Sister Derby

That didn’t go down well with the African mermaid who also wrote:

“If you are looking for a husband who will control your life, don’t come and spread your weakness to us.’ 

Sister Derby’s response generated a lot of reactions among their fans.

See The Screenshots Below: