An SM fan narrated how a Shatta Movement (SM) militant ‘Chopped’ his woman with just an SM logo to Shatta Wale.

An SM fan is very much broken-hearted because an SM Militant ‘Chopped’ his woman with a mere logo. During Shatta Wale’s live video, the fan narrated to Shatta Wale and all who did the watching.

He told Shatta Wale not to mention Natty Lee aka SM Operator’s name in the live video because he was the very person who removed ‘the dross’ of his woman and ‘chopped’ her ‘falaa’ with his SM logo.

He wrote:

“Wale make you no dey mention natty Lee en name that guy hurt me paa for eating my woman with SM logo.”

He seemed to have been hurt beyond measures.

Shatta Wale was live to address issues over the sacking of his SM Militants.

See The Screenshot Below:

SM fan narrates how one SM Militant 'Chopped' his woman with their logo to Shatta Wale