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Sniper is a very dangerous pesticide, It is only for industrial use not for treatment of any skin problems.


Sniper is a very dangerous pesticide.
It is only for industrial use-
It is never for personal/home use.

Another 7yr old child just died because the mum put Sniper in his hair to fight dandruff.

Sniper kills people Never breathe it in,
Or put it on your skin or hair.

Many people use sniper for all sorts;

Sniper to treat eczema,
Sniper to treat ringworm,
Sniper to treat head lice,
Sniper to treat ringworm.


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Sniper on the skin will kill you. It is a very dangerous chemical.

Sniper is a very dangerous pesticide and it is only for industrial use.

Sniper kills through;
Drinking it,
Breathing it in,
Applying on the skin or hair.

It causes muscle paralysis,
Makes it difficult to breathe,
And eventually this will kill the person.

Stay away from Sniper.

The govt should work with NAFDAC and make it a crime to sell or buy Sniper. This is serious.

Sniper should never be sold for home use or to anyone for personal use.

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People who sell or buy Sniper for private use should be arrested. We need to do something to stop this madness.

The amount of ignorance out there is shocking and heartbreaking.

We have to start actively spreading the message about these.

Let’s educate people about Sniper.
Let’s make it impossible to get for private use. And we must punish those who sell it to individuals for private use.