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In Accra, ‘we stay by plan’ so once you loose guard, someone smart will take advantage of you.

Well, there’s a video circulating on social media that captures the moment an unsuspecting man was given a bar of soap as phone.

He was first handed an original phone by the man he was buying from but before he could reach his bag and make payments, the seller quickly swapped the phone with another one.

The casings are the same so the buyer didn’t take his time to check before leaving.

He’ll get home before realising he bought a fake phone.

Watch the video below:


  1. So this cheating that you’ve done, the guy can curse you and you’ll go mad err. You want to risk your life because of this? Anaa wose you don’t believe in curse? Well, if you believe that you’re blessed when someone says “God bless you”, then know that this thing you’ve done, it may catch up to you if you don’t repent now


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