marry a wife

A Twitter user @CallMe_Zeelux has told fellow men the type of women they should be going after.

In a tweet, he noted that it’ll be good for men to go for ladies who secretly pray for them at night instead of the ladies who become CIDs at night by carrying out secret searches on their phones.

He wrote: “Marry a Wife that will secretly lay hands on ur head and pray for you while sleep, not the one that will be secretly checking ur phone.”

marry a wife

Although his assertion may sound sensible, not everyone agreed with him.

One lady pointed out that it’s time men stopped pushing blame on ladies as if they’re always the cause of mistrust in relationships. She noted that the actions of men are the reasons why some ladies become curious to know what they’re hiding on their phones.

So if the man is clean and all his doings appear clean, why would the woman be curious to investigate that which is going on on his phone behind her?

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