thief given rush energy drink

There’s a viral photo on social media that sees a thief enjoying a bottle of Rush Energy Drink.

You might be thinking that the thief has such a lucky day but that isn’t the case.

According to an inscription following the viral photo, the hoodlum was caught right in the act of stealing.

Instead of handing him over to the Police, the area boys took the matter into their own hands and gave him the beatings of his life.

Noticing that he’s weak from the beatings, the thief was given Rush Energy for him to recover so that the beatings can resume.

The said incident according to social media comments happened in Takoradi, Western Region.

ā€Welcome to Takoradi Ghana, where subsequent to beating a criminal, we offer him a container of surge caffeinated drink so we can beat him once more. You perceive how kind we are. No spot like Taadiā€, the inscription on the viral photo reads.

thief given rush energy drink

This is damn funny!!!



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