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Some cool Keyboard tricks You should know about.


Keyboard and mouse has been the most used ict tool when we are dealing with computers. Most times, many people use the mouse more than the keyboard.

The keyboard on the other hand is much more powerful than you think. It helps us to work even faster without the help of the mouse.

Here are some cool keyboard tricks that one can use for easy and faster work on windows, Microsoft Office, and also some universal shortcuts.


High Contrast: SHIFT+ALT+PRINT 


 This shortcut key will help you to increase the contrast of your desktop. This command at it’s default will bring a pop up menu. What you simply must do is to click on ‘yes’ or press enter on your keyboard.

Switch between open windows: ALT+TAB                                               

 This keyboard shortcut reveals all the open windows on the desktop as a layover. You can easily select your desired window by holding ALT then press TAb to navigate through the windows. Release both keys to select your desired window.

Show Desktop or Restore an opened window: WINDOWS+D                   

 This shortcut key helps you to easily access your desktop when you are working on an opened window. Simply hit the shortcut key to reveal the desktop and hit again to restore the window.

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Rotate your screen: CTLR+ALT+ARROW KEYS                                              This shortcut key doesn’t work on all devices. For this shortcut key to work, it depends on the video card of your machine. However when one press this shortcut key, it will rotate the screen to all the four cardinal points. For example, CTRL+ALT+DOWN ARROW will rotate the screen upside-down.

Delete without confirmation: SHIFT+DEL       

 This shortcut key can be used when one wants to delete a file without possibly confirming. To activate this, one needs to do a simple setting by right clicking on the recycle bin icon, Click on properties and remove the checkmark next to Display delete confirmation dialogue. Next time you want to delete without confirmation simply activate the above settings and hit SHIFT+DEL to delete your file.

Lock System: Windows + L                                                                             This shortcut key helps you to easily lock your system.This helps to protect our system from physical intruders while we are not with our PC. However, this shortcut keys does not affect any of the works in progress. All the windows will be exactly where you left them after you have locked your system.

Microsoft Office.

1.MS Word:

  • Close active window or document: CTRL + W
  • Format all letters as capitals: CTRL + SHIFT + A
  • Save as: ALT, F, A
  • Insert Table of Contents: ALT, S, T, I
  • Full Screen Mode: ALT, W, F
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  • Close a spreadsheet: CTRL + W
  • Open a spreadsheet: CTRL + O
  • Choose a fill color: ALT + H, H

3.MS Outlook:

  • New message: CTRL + SHIFT + M
  • Reply: ALT + H, R, P
  • Forward: ALT + H, F, W
  • Send: ALT + S
  • Insert File: ALT + N, A, F

4.MS PowerPoint:

  • Change the font size for selected text: Alt + H, F, S
  • Insert a picture: ALT + N, P
  • Insert a shape: ALT + H, S, H
  • Select a theme: ALT + G, H
  • Select a slide layout: ALT + H, L

5. MS OneNote:

  • Open a new OneNote window: CTRL + M
  • Dock the OneNote windows: CTRL + ALT + D
  • Bring up the context menu for anything currently in focus: SHIFT + F10


CTRL+F4: This shortcut key will enable you to close an active window on the desktop. It can also be use to shut down the system.

CTRL+MOUSE SCROLL WHEEL OR TOUCHPAD SCROLL: This shortcut key helps to increase the font size of a text. It also helps to increase or decrease the size of a folder. This shortcut keys can also be used on the web page to increase or decrease the size of a web page. Here is how to use this shortcut key combination: While you hold CTRL key you use the scroll wheel on the mouse to increase or decrease the size of the font or folder by scrolling up and down. You can also use the touchpad scroll instead of the scroll wheel on the mouse.



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