Mufti Menk believes one of the most inevitable things in life is jealousy on the part of humans.

Islamic Scholar from Zimbabwe Mufti Menk has disclosed that in life, some people would envy you not for any reason but because you have achieved a  lot ahead of them.

He said their jealousy will come because they can’t put in enough work as you hence, they would be left with no alternative than to spread rumours and gossips about you.

Mufti advised that when a person is faced with such a situation, they should not retaliate but leave it for the almighty God to judge on their behalf.

He tweeted:

Some people will hate you because of what you’ve achieved in life. They want what you have but make no effort to do anything about it. They resort to spreading rumours & gossip about you. This is a test from the Almighty. Don’t retaliate. Let the good you do speak for itself!

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'Some people will hate you because of what you’ve a lot achieved in life' - Mufti Menk