Celebrated Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Samini has gone wild on Twitter for once and it is just very right.

He is really angered at how some politicians try to play on the minds of their electorates after gaining power.

According to Samini, he wants to know where the Ghana Card offices are just as the Passport and other crucial documents have got.

Sometimes government treat us like we are all just a bunch of idiots with no brains, where can we locate Ghana Card offices? - Samini roars

He angrily advised all Ghanaians concerned with their health never to go and queue under the hot sun for a common card that the politicians have made the ordinary Ghanaian citizen believe they are nobody without it.

He advised reminded them of their chances of contracting the Coronavirus if they step out to crowded places.

Read his tweets below:

’16 cases and counting Ghana.some naive Ghanaians are still in queue to register to vote in December when the situation at hand demands that we stop all atherings.How? The one you are going to vote for is at home with of sanitizers and tissue paper Roll of paper being safe Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Whatever the registration is meant for the moral here is “go home “ chale ..aaaaahhhh. Ghana card s3 s3ng ? So if deadline is over we are no more Ghanaians? Show me #Ghanacard office and I’ll go there later when the coast is clear. Don’t give me ultimatums and timelines chale

Sometimes it’s difficult to no say anything and just watch them treat us like we are all just a bunch of idiots with no brains. you make local man think if he doesn’t not get a Ghana card he’s doomed and can only get it by queuing in the hot sun for hours. Where #ghanacardoffice?

If the passport is not good enough then Ghana card forms should be everywhere for us to have access to in this smart day and age to save time and cost and lives in this case. #passportoffice is for passport right ? License Dey DVLA so where’s #Ghanacard office ? Thinking face.”

See The Screenshot Below:

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh