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“Sonnie Badu be fake no be now”- Bridget Otoo

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Ghanaian journalist Bridget Otoo joins Sonnie Badu’s trend as she talks about how fake the PhD holder is.

Uk-based Ghanaian gospel artist Sonnie Badu has turned today’s topic on social media after claiming he obtained 3 degrees in 4 months.

The ‘Baba’ composer, has been dragged back and forth on twitter by twitter users. However, he briefed his reply in a harsh statement that “Lions don’t respond to frogs”.

Bridget Otoo, a former TV3 newscaster, has raised a controversial statement on twitter about Sonnie Badu.

According to her, Sonnie Badu has been fake since and not now.

Happy to bring my own PHD (pull him down). She added.

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