Stacy M. Foundation set to embark on a free vocational training in Ghana’s 16 Regions

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Stacy M


This article is dedicated to Madam Stacy M. Amewoyi and her loyal friends and patriot for her dedication, hardihood, and rumination for redux the pacify feeling of the youth, orphans and the homeless people by giving them hope and reason to live for.

I also dedicate this very article to the readers and encourage them to help the foundation to achieve its purpose and bring back the love and the pacify feeling of the younger generations.

Stacy M. Foundation set to embark on a free vocational training in Ghana's 16 Regions




Stacy M. Foundation is a foundation that is established and managed by Ms. Stacy Amewoyi.

The purpose of these foundations is to help eradicate the gap between the poor and rich by giving the poor something to do. Thus, this foundation is to help fight the abusive nature, the gang of child labor, street, widows, slavery, arm robbery, etc. in the society by giving such people the hope of living.

Stacy over the years have taken into her account to help the poor and needy by introducing her foundation by the name “Stacy M. Foundation” whose purpose is to educate the public.

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Stacy M. Foundation set to embark on a free vocational training in Ghana's 16 Regions

Through her way of educating the public, she has written a lot of articles to help these children, and also to the cooperate body for them to be able to come to the aid of the youth.

Most of these people are victims of the situation, in one way or the other. Most of these people to, have a lot of potential in them as well but because there is no one to help them fulfill their dreams, they are left either on the street or villages to battle life all by themselves.


Stacy Amewoyi is a Ghanaian-born entrepreneur, author, and a philanthropist. She is based in the United State of America. She grew up as an orphan, but through her perseverance and deep faith in God, she established herself as a change agent in her community.

She is the founder and President of the Stacy M. Foundation which is a non-profit organization that has greatly impacted the lives of many orphans, widows and the less privileged.

She is also the author of The Language And Key’s Of Love, The Price Of Love and “The Kings Choice” a must-read book for everyone. The foundation continues its work in transforming the lives of the downtrodden.

She also owns Anaya School Complex, which is a training center that offers free training in cosmetology to empower the young and the deprived ones who want a better future in that area.

Stacy Amewoyi is also the owner of New York Fashion Boutique, SMA and MBA Empire. Stacy proclaims that BUILDING CONFIDENCE prepares one to LEAD, make a DIFFERENCE and understanding the Teaching of Life.


She is a humanitarian, Exceptional led who is talented at powerful negotiations, team leadership and strong verbal communicator. Technically-savvy with outstanding relationship building, training and presentation skill. Motivated entrepreneur with solid experience managing all the levels of large-scale projects, including budgeting and administration.


Customer Service, Office Management, Security Officer for Command Security Corporation at FEDEX, Newark International Airport, Facilitating Workshops/ Speaking Engagements.


Stacy M. Foundation was established in 2013 by the redemptive grace of God. The organization was first established in Buabuashie, a metropolitan district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It was founded by Stacy M. Amewoyi through her own life’s struggles and experiences. Originally registered in Ghana as Stacy Orphanage Home.


Stacy attended her High School at Continental Academy. Currently pursuing Higher Certificates in the university, New Community Adult Learning Center Newark, NJ General Education Development Present, Ace Healthcare Training Institute Inc. Union, NJ Certified Home Health Aide and will graduate on 6/21/12.

Allure Beauty Palace Accra, Ghana Beauty& Fashion Studies Graduated in 2014.
2nd Image International Academy Accra, Ghana Diploma in Beauty & Fashion Studies Graduated in August 2009.


  • CPR/ First Certified. Dec 2015 Certified Security Officer Dec 2015


  • Orphans and special needs care.
  • Manage beauty and fashion salon in Accra, Ghana.
  • Teaching less fortunate ladies’ beauty and fashion rudiments interior décor at church wedding and other events.


Based on this premise, Stacy sought to make a change in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana by beginning with generating funds to help pay for the school fees of students and also recruit apprenticeship to assist them. This act empowered her to do even more as God give and led her.

In the years passed by, she has been able to establish other areas of ministry including the Anaya Education Complex, Stacy Beauty Palace and New York Fashion Boutique.

As an organization grew, so did the resources, which has affected so many lives. Now widely known as Stacy Foundation to broaden its reach globally, the mission and vision have not changed. In 2017, Stacy Foundation reached out to partner with Gospel Outreach For All (GOFA) Ministries to replicate its organization in New Jersey, USA.

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The hope of this partnership is to reach out and share the kingdom of God through the action of the gospel.

In 2018, Environmental-focus Advocacy made Stacy Amewoyi and ambassador for Environmental Sanitation.

Ms. Stacy Amewoyi is the current the Brand Ambassador for Mr. CNN/ 3G Magazine, She was honored as a Positive Role Model at the (Ghanaian Canadian Achievement Awards 2019) and Excellence In Entrepreneurship at (3G Awards USA 2019)


Gospel Outreach For All (GOFA) Ministries (2014-Present).


Someone may ask why Stacy M. Foundation? Stacy M. Foundation because they have proven over the years that they are capable of improving lives of individuals like orphans, widows, street children, the less privileged and etc. in the country and other parts of the world.

Stacy Foundation has been in operation since 2013 when it was established. One thing we have to know is that this foundation was established purposely to improve the lives of individuals.

With the vast experience that Stacy have in orphan management by which she was one, means that she knows the best when it comes to the management of human differences. Not that alone she is a train Security person, a health practitioner, and a beautician as well.

That alone means that even if she is given the chance to manage anything that have got to do with training the individual to become responsible in life, is not a problem to her at all.


The Stacy Foundations main objective is to improve upon the life of an individual as I stated earlier. There is a lot of youth in this country that has been left out on the street of Accra. Now let take it one after the other, the foundation is into training individuals that want to become beautician as a profession.

Most of the people are in the house not because they couldn’t have made it through education but because of the situation, they found themselves. What good can these people become in life? That is why the Foundation is very important to the people in the country and beyond.

Stacy M. Foundation was established in 2013 by the redemptive grace of God. The organization was first established in Buabuashie, a metropolitan district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It was founded by Stacy M. Amewoyi through her own life’s struggles and experiences.

Originally registered in Ghana as Stacy Orphanage Home. The training center offers free training in cosmetology to empower the young and deprived ones who want a better future in that area. The foundation is also giving people who still think they can go back to school the chance to go back.


After you have understood everything at the top, the next question to asked is where do we get access to the Foundation? As I state, the Stacy M. Foundation is here in Ghana as well as wherever you are as we speak now.

All you need is to subscribed to the Stacy M. Foundation. The foundation is in every corner in the world, all you need is an internet connection and you can get access to all the information that you need in life. just like I said, you can also learn more about

the foundation on the various social media platforms as well and get to know more about the foundation. You can also ask your question that boards your mind in our respective pages.

Stacy has been with us for long, that is why getting access to the foundation is the easiest thing to do. Apart from being all over the world, the foundation can also be accessed in some parts of the country.


We have heard all about the foundation which happens to be one the best Foundation in the country if not the best. But the next question is, who are the people to access the foundation or who are the people that can get training from this foundation?

The foundation is not limited to any class of persons or people but the foundation is to see to it that all the problems of the people are solving with them having an answer to the problem they are going through. Now the people that are the most targets are the orphans, widows, less privileged and co.

Now the orphans because they are more or less the class of people that much attention is not giving to in the society as far as life is concerned. The orphans are people that have lost their parents and how to meet their needs becomes problematic to them.

Sometimes what to even eat becomes problem to them and so the best thing they can do for living is either stealing or hawk on the street wherein the end they can’t even have a good place to sleep.

The Stacy M. Foundation is actually looking for people like that to nature them to become financially independent. And also, give them a home by getting them out of the street. Not them alone.

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Another aspect got to deal with the widows in the country, most of the widows are young and they can still do something for themselves for living. Because these people are not doing anything, they become bidden to the family in the house.

By so doing, the family become fed up with them and at the end either asks them to go or accused them wrongly just because they are not doing anything and they are staying with them.

The foundation is also there for people like that to make things more enlightening for them to move on in life without depending on other people to survive.

One the class of people that we are much more interested in, is the people that have been abused in one way or the other. There are people that, there is no one to fight for them. We take care of such people by giving them the necessary education to be great in life one again.

Most of the people because of the abusive things they have gone through, they are not even willing to do anything better for themselves because they have it at the back of their mind that, there is nothing better to come out from people like them.

Which is not the case. Some of these children too didn’t get the chance to be loved by their parents but rather a third party which has to maltreat them in a lot of ways without even giving them access to education.

One class of people that we are also targeting is the school dropout. Some of these people didn’t stop schooling because they want to but because they are not able to afford the expenses that come with the school items.

Most of them are also done with either JHS or SHS but could not continue because they don’t have the financial capacity to continue to the next level of education but they still have the zeal to be in school or any vocational institution to train and become an entrepreneur.

The foundation is there to help these people to achieve their dream by giving them free vocational training.
The last group of people I want to talk about is, the group of people who didn’t even get the chance to even step their foot in a classroom and they want to learn something for themselves for the future. These people can also get access to free vocational training.


Now someone would like to find out where they can get access and which region would they get access to the Stacy M. Foundation? The good news is that the Stacy Foundation is coming to all the sixteen regions in the country and in the world at large.

The management of the foundation though it wise that, they have to extend their wing to all the 16 regions of Ghana to help easy assessment of the place. The training would be done in all the regions so don’t worry yourself coming down to Accra if you are not in Accra.

A friend asked me why is she going to all the sixteen regions in the country? And my reply is that she is a compassionate person and therefore wouldn’t be okay or feel good if a certain group of people gets access and others don’t get.

And so, she doesn’t want to discriminate. There has been an instance where the government would give fund to their people to help the said people but the government machinery would site here in Accra and said they want to organized a forum for the people and in the end, nothing better comes out.

That is not what this foundation is about. The foundation is to help the poor and needy that why it is very essential to her to visit all the regions and give them the needed education they need. Some of them even don’t have the money should the foundation decide to organized a forum here in Accra to come for the forum.

We also think it would give us the maximum number of people we are targeting.


Like I stated earlier the foundation is not only in Ghana but it can be access over the globe, the only thing you need to do is to follow Stacy Amewoyi on all her social media handle and you are good to go.


The vision and mission of the Stacy M. Foundation is to champion for the widow, orphans, poor and needy. This vision is based on the foundation of grace and scripture which commands us to “open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and the poor in your land”.

Stacy Amewoyi want to see the smile on all Ghanaians’s face and the world at large. She taking it upon herself to help fight against child abuse, widow, needy and the poor by giving them the chance to stand on their feet and battle for life, She is currently doing a campaign against Child Abuse with title Save The Girl Child 2020 and Save The Boy Child 2020.

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