Sorry if you slept very early yesterday but the recent twitter violence got more intensified after decided to go hard on Cherish giver, .

His revelations has now given the courage to fellow sound engineers to expose the stingy side if our artists and how some of them use and dump them without giving them a penny for their hardwork.

also dropped a tall list of Artists who still owe him after working with them and top the list. Already tagged as a stingy man, the rapper failed to sort out his producer on six different occasions.

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The list also exposes , , and all who couldn’t pay King of Accra after working with him Twice respectively.


“Twitter people like fight noor someone retweet this one, ah well so here we are a list of some songs i have produced for various artists and none of which I have been paid for and also have never received ROYALTIES for none of them, even till now.” He captioned the List.

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Stingy Sarkodie in trouble as King Of Accra drop list of artists owing him production fee

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