shares his thoughts on the rejection of two dreadlocked guys by Achimota school.

Ghanaian dancehall and afrobeats singer, Livingstone Etse Satsekla better known by the stage name Stonebwoy, stands against the actions of Achimota school.

Apparently, there is a story trending on social media as a Rastafarian father who sent his brilliant Rastafarian son to further his education at Achimota school was denied an admission into the school due to his dreadlocks.

This has raised so many concerns and comments by Ghanaians as they fight for the right of the brilliant boys.


1 Gad, who sometimes carries dreadlocks on his head has gone in hand with Rastafarians to stand against the actions of the school.

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Stonebwoy took to Twitter as he sought for the harm it may cause the school to admit students because of their hair style as Rastafarians.

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Well, he got his answer right from a twitter user who alleged that most Rastafarians do drugs and smoke as well on campuses, which seems to be a problem for most schools.

Stonebwoy also replied back as he retweeted that dreadlocks has nothing to do with drugs in schools as that’s a next topic to tackle.

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