There are a lots of wishes to mother from Ghanaians and people around the globe as they celebrate her on independence Day.

However, the from an award winning dancehall musician , surpasses that of everyone on the internet.

He shared this powerful masterpiece message on his Instagram page as he detailed his passion to serve his nation since childhood.


According to him, he got his inspirational plan from our forefathers who toiled for the country, growing up as a young boy he decided on what to do for his beloved country.

He then suggested on becoming a soldier to protect and serve his people but to no avail. Also, he failed on becoming a footballer due to some circumstances.

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However, he is much grateful for entertaining his nation with sweet melodies and sounds.

“Here I Am Today A Messenger Singing Words, Moving The Nation’s Feet With Sounds And Touching Her Souls With Melodies That Eco To The World That We Are A Great Nation Of Africa” He added.

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