Stop accusing old women of witchcraft. Witchcraft is a myth and does not exist – Group says


    A group based in Nigeria calling itself Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) has said that witchcraft is a mental creation that does not exist and is harmless.

    The leader of the group, Leo Igwe in an interview said the act of killing people suspected of possessing witchcraft is unacceptable and a high degree of wickedness.

    “AFAW uses a secular, humanist, skeptical and human rights approach to examine witchcraft narratives and address related abuses. Our campaign is founded on the principles that witchcraft is a myth and an imaginary crime that no one commits.

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    “It is founded in the principles that attributions or causing harm through occult means are based on hearsay and misinformation, panic and anxieties, fear and superstition.

    “Witch persecution, killings, and trials are forms of human rights abuses that should not be tolerated in the name of religion, culture or tradition. I urge all Africans as well as none Africans, including all Africans in the diaspora to join efforts with us to achieve this important objective,” Igwe said

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