‘Stop being stupid’ – Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy Jamie Roberts slams IG user


British Photographer and Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, has slamed an IG user for asking him a question regrading his children.

A Nigerian born model, Keela, was linked to to be the mother Jamie Roberts’ two elderly children way-back in 2017 but the now handsome father of 3 has debunked any of such rumors.

An IG user who asked a question regarding his two older children and the estranged wife, few minutes later received his reply with:

This evening I was asked (and not for the first time) an EXTREMELY stupid question, so in the interest of apparent “interest” let me state something once and for all. I am in fact, a very lucky father of three unbelievably amazing children. But none of them, however, have a Nigerian mother. Have a great weekend ?? #naijamyths #stopbeingstupid.

This is the first time Jamiel has roared such loud on social media.

See Screenshot Below:

'Stop being stupid' - Yvonne Nelson's baby daddy Jamie Roberts slams IG user over his children