Katakana TV show host, Mona Gucci is reawakening her beef with controversial media personality, , warned her to stop destroying the brand of celebrities to people abroad.

Hosted by Ola Michael on Entertainment GH, Mona revealed her biggest problem with Afia is how she makes celebrities look dirty in the eyes of people who are ready to give them endorsement deals. She advised her to put a stop to such act.

“I am not surprised because this kind of life started from the bible. If Abel knew his brother Cain would kill him, he wouldn’t have followed him. My problem with Afia is that she should stop destroying the brands of celebrities to people living abroad who want to work with them. She should stop tarnishing their brands.” She told Ola.

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Reminding the public some of the brands Afia tarnished, she alleges the Twin mother stopped young actress Maame Serwaa from getting a deal from Pinamang just because she wants to be the center attention.

“You had something to say about , young actress Maame Serwaa, whom Pinamang wanted to help by signing her after her mom’s death too, you destroyed her to the woman. She sent the woman audio telling her Maame Serwaa’s brand is not a good brand. Like who does that? Who does that? So you want to be the center of the woman’s life and benefit alone?” she told Ola Michael on the show.” Mona added

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