Nigerian socialite and media personnel Daddy Freeze has advised all to quit listening to Motivational speakers who claim owning a business is far better than earning a salary.

According to him, some are really making good cash from their listeners to enrich themselves when they purchase their works or even pay to listen to them.

Daddy Freeze explained that some salary earners make quite a huge sum of money while business owners struggle to make a living out of their businesses.

He said world popular motivational speaker Kiyosaki made his money through motivational speeches.

He also added that Kiyosaki’s company filed for bankruptcy in the year 2012.

Read his full post below:

“Robert Kiyosaki is the author of ‘Rich dad poor dad’. He sold 41 million copies of this book, translated into 51 different languages; this is where the bulk of his money came from.

Like I said, be careful with these motivational speakers.
It seems Robert Kiyosaki made more money from writing and talking about business than actually doing business.🙄

Personally, I am wary of those who talk a lot, hold seminars and write a lot about making money; if they were really making all that money, they’d be too busy to have time to talk about it as much as they do.

Dangote, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,  and Mike Adenuga are too busy making money to find time to hold seminars to talk about it.

There are many things these people say or write about that are worthy of consideration. However, there are also many things they say that don’t apply in the real world.

In the real world, Kiyosaki’s company filed for bankruptcy in 2012, scroll left for more information.

Those who are writing books and holding seminars aren’t making that much from entrepreneurship or their business acumen, they are making their money off YOU! ~FRZ


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