Maskandi stars exchange blows after clashing at the studio

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SWORN ENEMIES, uNjoko Mbambo and Mdumazi Mhlongo discovered themselves collectively within the studio to make buddies. However getting these two to kiss and make up was by no means going to occur. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA WHEN UNJOKO CALLED MDUMAZI “EARS”! The 2 long-time enemies had been invited to … Read more

‘That’s Our Reality’: Glenn Greenwald Blows Up Media’s Collusion To Shield Hunter Biden

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Unbiased journalist Glenn Greenwald laid into company media in a Twitter thread on Saturday morning, detailing how authorities officers and media retailers had successfully colluded to guard President Joe Biden’s embattled son Hunter — notably in the course of the 2020 presidential election. Greenwald in the end left The Intercept, the outlet he cofounded, when … Read more