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I miss my best friend Kennedy Agyapong – Ibrah One confesses

Senior brother of Ibrah One says he is suffering from a ‘mental condition’

Breaking News: Hon. Kennedy Agyapong allegedly forgives Ibrah One

First photo of Ibrah One’s big brother Abass in Kennedy Agyapong’s house to beg him

Ibrah One allegedly on the run to Volta Region

First photos of all the cars that may be seized by the BNI from Ibrah One

Most Ghanaian celebrities are about to be arrested & investigated over their involvement in alleged scam

‘What Nonsense is going on in Ghana? Is Kennedy Agyapong now in charge of security?’ – Oscar Yao Doe supports Ibrah One

Kennedy Agyapong replies Ibrah One, threatens to seize all his cars for non-payment of duties

“Should Nana Addo win the upcoming election, I will kill myself” – Ibrah One

Ibrah One says he is ready to kiss two COVID-19 patients to prove that the virus is a scam

Why I stopped wearing face masks – Ibrah One reveals

I don’t think the figures Government gives us about Coronavirus is true – Ibrah One alleges

Ibrah One flaunts his luxurious bedroom

You’ll meet your ‘meeter’ soon – Ibrah One subtly shades Kennedy Agyapong

Only those who don’t have sense will say God will protect them. Where was that God when coronavirus entered the country? – Ibrah One

Ibrah One set to give out free ‘Lockdown MoMo’ to his fans, here is how to receive it

Ghana News 3 months ago

`Instead of locking down boarders to stop the coronavirus from coming, the Prez instead asked Ghanaians to fast & pray. It is now on our doorstep, expect more lock down’ – Ibrah One

Ghana News 3 months ago

‘I never knew Boko Haram & those militant who kill innocent people go on a lock down’ – Ibrah One

My wife Khadija is my one and only wife – Ibrah One

Ibrah One angrily blasts Moesha Buodong for saying 90% of Ghanaian men are not romantic

Ibrah One blast security forces for abusing people who violate lockdown rules

Ibrah One donates bags of rice to homeless people on the streets as Government declares a lockdown

Nana Addo should instruct ECG and Water company not to charge bills during lockdown – Ibrah One

Ibrah One had promised he will convert to Christianity should Coronavirus vanish today as predicted by Prophet TB Joshua

If Coronavirus ends on 27th March as Prophet TB Joshua prophesied, I’ll convert to Christianity – Ibrah One

Ghana News 4 months ago

Prayers not solution to Coronavirus, this is the time we need to listen to Scientists and Doctors – Ibrah One

President Nana Addo should free all prisoners to go home before coronavirus spread among them – Ibrah One

‘Ghanaians shouldn’t be fooled that Coronavirus cannot survive in Africa, it is in every part of Ghana now’ – Ibrah One

‘Kency wedding has made some people to also use Uber to make their convoy look good’ – Ibrah One subtly mocks MediFui2020 wedding

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