Was Biden Calling For Regime Change In Russia? After Sunday Mass, The President Tells Reporters ‘No’

Joe Biden walking out of Catholic Mass

On Sunday night, reporters flagged down President Joe Biden as he walked out of Catholic Mass in Washington, D.C., for clarification as as to whether or not he was calling for regime change in Russia throughout his Saturday speech in Poland. In a phrase, Biden stated, “no,” he was not calling for regime change when … Read more

Inside the Heaven’s Gate cult who believed they were ‘graduating’ from Earth before mass suicide 25 years ago


THE Heaven’s Gate cult believed they had been ‘graduating’ from Earth when 39 members died in a mass suicide 25 years in the past. Police had been known as to the scene of what turned out to be the biggest mass suicide in america on March 26, 1997. 4 Chief Marshall Applewhite recruited members by … Read more