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Moesha Buduong is a Ghanaian TV presenter, actress and model who is also known for granting a controversial interview to CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour on issues of sex, love and gender.


Moesha Buduong's Repentance

Dângerous Secret About Moesha Buduong’s Repentance Revealed By A Powerful Man

Moesha Buduong has had a very top secret of hers revealed by a powerful man and it is very serious….

Ayisha Modi Opens More Secrėts About Moesha Buduong's Saga

Ayisha Modi Opens More Secrėts About Moesha Buduong’s Saga; Nigerian Pastor Involved

Ayisha Modi has opened some more secrets about Moesha Buduong’s saga. According to her, a Nigeiran pastor was involved and…

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“Dating a married man I loved was not a crime” Moesha tells her Instagram follower.

Moesha Boduong clashes with netizens on her affairs with married men saga. Most ladies of today loves fashion and looking…

moesha rotten

Moesha Boduong’s plastic bortos is getting rotten

In a bid to get a ‘Coca-Cola’ body shape and a voluminous backside, most of our female celebrity enhance their…

My fight with Moesha was unnecessary, I regret it – Salma Mumin

Actress Salma Mumin has said that she regrets the social media brawl that ensued between herself and fellow actress Moesha…