Mona Gucci

Mona Gucci tears a strong warning to Xandy Karmel Over Salma Mumin

Mona Gucci tears a strong warning to Xandy Karmel Over Salma Mumin

Mona Gucci and Xandy Karmel are at the moment beefing strongly. Mona Gucci was the first to send a strong…

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Mona Gucci launches another new grudge with Afia Schwarzenegger, calls her animal.

Mona Gucci threatened to go live for Afia Schwarzenegger on Instagram with her reply, tagged her as animal. Just when…

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Afia Schwarzenegger jubilates over Mona Gucci’s resignation from Kantanka TV, claims she was sacked.

Controversial Afia Schwarzenegger makes mockery of Mona Gucci for claiming she has resigned as a TV presenter to go to…

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Mona Gucci re-signs from Kantanka TV, check out her reasons.

Kantanka TV hostess, Mona Gucci has resigned from her Link up show to further her studies. Mona Gucci is a…

mona gucci and a plus

Mona Gucci charges back at Kwame A Plus

Mona Gucci quickly replied Kwame A Plus after he shot some missiles in her way in a subtle way via…

mona gucci and a plus

Kwame A Plus fires new shots at Mona Gucci

Kwame A Plus has thrown some fresh missiles in the way of Ghanaian TV presenter, Mona Gucci. Their feud began…

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Afia Schwarzenegger allegedly sues Mona Gucci in court.

Afia Schwarzenegger hints on sending her rival Mona Gucci to court as she reveals the date of settling on the…

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“I love to be licked” Mona Gucci reveals in a video.

Mona Gucci discloses her favourite aspect when it comes to sex. Monalisa Abigail Semeha, popularly known as Mona Gucci is…

ayisha modi and mona gucci

Ayisha Modi gives details of her private investigation on Mona Gucci’s claims of going to Law school

Ayisha Modi has given details of his personal investigations on claims made by Mona Gucci that she studied ‘Immigration Law’…

Adu safowaah and Mona Gucci

Adu Safowaah ‘open keys’ of dirty secrets about Mona Gucci

It appears Mona Gucci really have a lot of enemies as actress Adu Safowaah has sent some stray bullets her…

kwame a plus and mona gucci

Kwame A Plus ‘open keys’ of dirty secrets about Mona Gucci

Kwame A Plus has called on Mona Gucci to stop fighting him or else he’ll reveal some dirty secrets about…

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“Most of Ghanaians are illiterate to think you cannot go to a law school and become a TV presenter” Mona Gucci fires.

Mona Gucci fires critics on her show for trolling her after she claimed to have completed a law school. Mona…

afia schwarzenegger air hostess

Afia Schwar post old photo as air hostess, challenges Mona Gucci to also prove she went to law school

Afia Schwarzenegger has this Thursday morning posted an old photo of herself as an air hostess back in South Africa….

mona gucci and nana ama mcbrown

McBrown is a poor host as she lacks all interview skills, she should go to GH Media School – Mona Gucci

Mona Gucci has described Nana Ama Mcbrown as a poor show host. This comes after the Kantanka TV host appeared…

mona gucci and nana ama mcbrown

Nana Ama McBrown’s husband impregnated his wife’s close friend – Mona Gucci

What happened on UTV’s United Showbiz the past weekend is known to alot of you. However, for the sake of…

Akosua Vee is broke & cannot pay her rent

Mona Gucci claims Kwame A-Plus’ wife, Akosua Vee, is broke & cannot pay her rent in the UK

Mona Gucci following the disgrace he faced on UTV over the weekend has angrily exposed Kwame A-Plus’ wife, Akosua Vee….

afia and mona gucci

Afia Schwarzenegger posts details of her investigations on Abigail Williams & Co law firm

Afia Schwarzenegger has taken this issue of Abigail Williams and Co so personal that she has gone to do investigations…

mona gucci and afia schwarzenegger

Mona Gucci finally shades Afia Schwar after she came out to say that she lied about going to law school

Afia Schwarzenegger and Mona Gucci have a history of feud in time past. Hence, after the Kantanka TV Host revealed…

mona gucci

“I’m forced to shake tables and open keys” Mona Gucci finally speaks

TV personality, Mona Gucci has finally spoken after issues arose concerning her interview on United Showbiz yesterday. Apparently, Mona disclosed…

afia schwarzenegger and mona gucci

‘Show us your certificates and graduation pictures if you indeed went to law school’ Afia Schwar to Mona Gucci

Afia Schwarzenegger has reacted to Mona Gucci’s claims that she went to law school in America where she studied Immigration…

mona gucci

I went to law school in America but I don’t practice it. – Mona Gucci

Ghanaian TV personality, Mona Gucci has revealed that she went to law school in America just that she doesn’t practice…