Mummy G O

Lady shares photo of what she noticed at the entrance of Mummy GO’s church

Lady forced to take off her ear rings before entering Mummy G.O’s church

A lady, identified as Burntdodo, has revealed how she was forced to take off her earrings after seeing a signpost…

Mummy G O

Mummy G.O, finally speaks on her viral controversial sermons which seem to be trending on social media lately

Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo, commonly known as Mummy G.O, has finally spoken out about her controversial viral sermons that have been…

Mummy G O tweaking video

Mummy G O, was captured in the viral video jamming to a Reggae track.

Nigerian prophetess, popularly known as Mummy G O,  took a break from preaching to perform a hot twerk, she chased…