”Repent your Excellency sayeth the Lord” – Prophet Kofi Oduro boldly tells Akufo Addo

''Repent your Excellency sayeth the Lord'' - Prophet Kofi Oduro boldly tells Akufo Addo

Controversial Ghanaian clergyman, Prophet Kofi Oduro has said that if Akufo-Addo fails to do the right thing, he would face God’s vengeance sooner or later. President Akufo-Addo, according to the leader and founder of Alabaster International Ministry, should be watchful of individuals around him, particularly those who are squandering funds meant for national development. His … Read more

WOW?..Prophet Kofi Oduro Drops Hot Bømb On Rev Father Caught K!ssing Females While In Church

Prophet Kofi Oduro

Leader and Founder of The Alabasta Church – Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has reacted to the viral video of a Reverend Father kíssing some young females in his church. According to him, the leaders and founders of the church should take a quick and immediate step to suspend the Reverend Father in question. His video … Read more

You are a villager if you use your mother for money rituals to drive Common Camry – Prophet Kofi Oduro fires

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Renowned aggressive preacher, Prophet Kofi Oduro has gone hard on alleged people who use their relatives for money rituals. It’s a well known fact that some youths of today engage themselves in the wicked act going to the length of exchanging their parents for money with mother’s mostly being the victims. Speaking on any speculation … Read more

“God’s wrath will come on Ghana if LGBTQI is legalised” Prophet Kofi Oduro

prophet kofi oduro lgbt

Prophet Kofi Oduro is vehemently against the legalisation of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGTBI) in Ghana. In an interview on Peace FM, he stated that legalisation it would bring the wrath of God on the nation, Ghana. He said the idea of calling for its legalisation at the first place is total … Read more

Fallen breast is not as a results of promiscuity”— Bridget Otoo Subtly Jabs Prophet Oduro

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News Anchor and PR Person Bridget Otoo has taken what many believe is a jab at Prophet Kofi Oduro over his recent comment about young women and “fallen breast.” In a viral video, the Propeht whose preachings has become viral pieces now went hard on young women saying those who are virgins deserves all the … Read more

“Any lady with fallen ‘melons’ at the age of 21 does not deserve a bride price more than GHS200” Prophet Kofi Oduro

prophet kofi oduro

Prophet Kofi Oduro of Alabaster International Ministry has said in a viral video that ladies with fallen breast do not deserve expensive bride price to be paid by men who want to marry them. Without mincing words in front of his congregation, he said that a lady at the age of 21 with a fallen … Read more

Prophet Kofi Oduro has impregnated girls at Tesano. He is fake & rude – Manasseh Kwabena alleges on Net 2 TV

Prophet Manasseh Kwabena Boateng has made alleged that Prophet Kofi Oduro has impregnated girls and that he is fake while in an interview on Net 2 TV. Manasseh Kwabena Boateng has labelled the leader and founder of the Alabaster International Ministries Prophet Kofi Oduro as a fake man of God. On live Net 2 TV, … Read more

Prophet Kofi Oduro spotted preaching on the streets of Accra-Circle

The founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry Prophet Kofi Oduro was spotted preaching on the street of Accra, Circle. The loud Prophet of God dressed in a jeans trousers and a nice Lacost stood right beneath the overhead at Circle and shared the word of God to the masses. A lot of people gathered … Read more

‘Women who deny their husbands s*x collapse their own marriages’ – Prophet Oduro

Founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry Prophet Kofi Oduro has sent his preaching to a whole new level in a latest video posted on his official Facebook page. In the video, the prolific clergyman demonstrated on things that some married women do that collapse their marriages. He talked on women who deny their husbands … Read more

It was bound to happen – Prophet Oduro on why God did not save victims of the Ethiopian plane crash

The head pastor of Alabasta International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has touched on why perhaps God did not save victims of the Ethiopian plane crash. According to the bold Prophet of God, it was meant to happen and nothing could have prevented it from happening. He further revealed that all passengers on board the plane … Read more