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Prophet Kumchacha reveals why the late ‘Apraku My Daughter’ is still not buried yet

“Banning Counsellor Lutterodt will be too harsh. He has apologized and should be forgiven” – Kumchacha begs

There are some men of God who speak big English but are fake – Prophet Kumchacha

‘Don’t be having sex calls with your partners on phone. They can record & use it against you’ – Kumchacha

“Don’t have sex with a lady on the first date because she may have some evil spirits in her or hidden illness” – Prophet Kumchacha to men

Prophet Kumchacha gives a wrong Bible quotation while replying to those blasting Prophets for failing to see the Coronavirus before its coming

Nana Ama McBrown dared Kumchacha to spell Coronavirus and it was a disaster

‘It is stupidity to say we should hold Church service online. Where do we get the offerings we chop from?’ – Prophet Kumchacha

COVID-19: Collection of offerings and tithe will be negatively affected due to the ban- Prophet Kumchacha fumes

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‘Anybody who will say bad things about me will suffer Coronavirus’ – Prophet Kumchacha curses

Have sex thrice before preaching to prophesy well – Kumchacha advises prophets

You’re a fool if you buy an iPhone for your girlfriend & can’t take care of your parents – Prophet Kumchacha

Nana Ama Mcbrown, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, Prophet Kumchacha, etc. spray bundles of cash on Joyce Blessing

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Prophet Kumchacha turns paper into money

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‘Even the anointed house of Moses in Egypt is less expensive than the hotel booked for the Black Stars’ – Prophet Kumchacha

Men who masturbate will not make it to Heaven – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha shows off his 6 packs & warns Ghanaians to stop speaking ill about rich Pastors

Women who scream God’s name during s*x will rot in hell – Prophet Kumchacha

“I used to hide behind bathrooms & watch women bathing” – Prophet Kumchacha confesses

Virgins are sweet because they are tight – Prophet Kumchacha

‘Any man who licks the Tonga of a woman lives longest’ – Prophet Kumchacha

God has given me power in bed, I’ve 55 different s3x positions – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha destroys Bullet live on air (video)