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Tanzanian Govt to publish names of married men to protect single ladies from unnecessary heartbreaks


Married men in Tanzania are still going in for young ladies under the pretext that they’re still single.

Some of these young ladies give in to them only to later realise that they were deceived.

Taking cue from the severe heartbreaks that some of these ladies go through, the Government has decided to put a new initiative in place. By these, they’ll publish names of all married men on a portal where ladies can be able to see the names of the men they’re dating to determine if they’re already married or not.

Dar es Salaam regional commissioner, Paul Makonda, who disclosed this on Monday, August 12, said: “I have received a lot of complaints from young women. Many women from Dar es Salaam region have been deceived many times, and they have had enough.

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Paul Makonda
Paul Makonda

“Men have been promising to marry them, then later, they ditch the ladies and this is something that is humiliating,” the regional commissioner said.

“These cunning men have left many women nursing heartbreaks and emotional bruises. You’ll find a young man successfully wooing a woman, making her leave every other thing that she does, hoping that the man will marry her, not knowing that he is, indeed, conning her.

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“If you look at the laws that we have in the country, there is a clause that protects women, who were promised marriages, only to be used and dumped. We want to use that clause to bring sanity in relationships.”

If adopted, all married people would be required to register their marital statuses with the region’s database agency. Any woman who has been promised marriage can then access the database to find out if the man who has made that promise is already married or not.

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In that database, all the marriages, including Christian, customary, Muslim, those filed at the registrar of marriages, will be registered, Makonda said.

“We want to reduce the cases of men conning women in the name of love and marriages.

“We are planning to meet the State agency in charge of the citizens’ database. Once that meeting is done, you, who lied to a woman that you will marry her, but ended up using and dumping her, be prepared, we are coming for you.”

Source: Face2FaceAfrica.com


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