Doctors revealed after tests that, 4 years old girl who accused Dickson of defilement has not been touched as she claimed.

We reported earlier that a Bolt driver was very upset when her wife tried to shield a man named Dickson, who allegedly fingered their 4 year old daughter after the little girl complained of abdominal pains only when Suspect is present.

The same source says, the Driver finally took his daughter to the hospital for confirmation before drawing conclusions and take Dickson on. After blood samples were taken for examination, the doctors revealed nothing in the form of defilement has ever happened to the little girl.

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The doctors then requested for the girls urine for another examination, and the results still remain the same even after a vagina scan. Doctors confirmed there was no trace of sexual abuse can be found.

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Driver took his daughter to the hospital for examination.
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Doctors confirmed no trace of sexual abuse.

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