twene jonas
Twene Jonas

US-based Ghanaian social media sensation, has said that the Bible story is the home town story of the Israelites that Ghanaians have accepted ‘foolishly’.

According to him, Jesus does not even know Blacks so when he should come the second time, he won’t even be able to know Ghanaians because they’re not the people he came to.

“The Bible is the home town story of someone that they brought to Ghanaians to read and they have accepted it to be theirs. The Bible doesn’t say go and stay in church from morning to evening and be wasting your time instead using your energy to work”, he said vehemently.

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“Learn to be wise, the Whites that wrote the bible, I am here with them but I don’t see them reading the Bible. They always go to work and make money. So you can’t spend all your day in church and expect things to improve in your country”, he added.

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