Pastor Mboro, a local preacher in South Africa has declared the Coronavirus as a demon in Hell that must be fought spiritually.

According to Mboro, it will only take a spiritual journey to Hell to defeat the demon before the Coronavirus pandemic will come to an end.

The Coronavirus is a demon in Hell; I need just $100,000 to fight it spiritually - South African pastor says
Pastor Mboro

A Kenyan news portal announced that Pastor Mboro has demanded $100,000 (GHS575500) to help him embark on the voyage to Hell to go fight the demon responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak.

Pastor Mboro said the fight against the demon does not require any medical or scientific research. According to him, it is purely spiritual and the better the demon is defeated, the better it will be for the human race as the demon is set on wiping out the entire population of the world.

He, therefore, said he expects the money as early as the second week of April to help him save the world.

Excerpt of Pastor Mboro said below:

“I am ready to save mankind,  have seen a vision of how the Coronavirus demon looks like and I will defeat it,”

“There is no need for worry and expensive research, the real problem is the demon causing this disease and I am ready to kill it once and for all,” Pastor Mboro said.