The Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts you should Know About.

These mac keyboard shortcuts that is about to be revealed will turn you into a professional in productivity on any mac system. It will also help you to get done very fast.

Many it difficult to get acquainted with mac OS and this has been a burden for them. The table below will help you to get more familiar with mac OS and  the shortcuts to get the done.

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Startup Shortcuts
D Boot to Apple Diagnostics
N Boot from a network server
T Boot in Target Disk
Shift Boot in Safe
Cmd + R Boot to macOS Recovery
Cmd + S Boot in Single-User
Cmd + V Boot in Verbose
Cmd + Option + P + R Reset NVRAM or PRAM
Option Boot to Startup Manager and pick other startup disks if available
Shift + Cmd + 3 Take screenshot of entire screen
Shift + Cmd + 4 Take screenshot of selected region
Shift + Cmd + 4, then Space Take screenshot of selected window
Shift + Cmd + Q Log out
Shift + Cmd + Option + Q Log out instantly
Cmd + A Select all
Cmd + C Copy
Cmd + F
Cmd + H Hide current window
Cmd + M Minimize current window
Cmd + O Open
Cmd + P Print
Cmd + S Save
Cmd + V Paste (copy)
Cmd + W Close current window
Cmd + Z Undo
Cmd + ? Help
Cmd + Comma Open Preferences for current app
Cmd + Space Open Spotlight search
Cmd + Tab Switch to the next open app
Cmd + Tilde Switch to the next window in the current app
Cmd + Option + H Hide all other windows
Cmd + Option + M Minimize all windows
Cmd + Option + W Close all windows
Cmd + Option + V Paste (cut)
Cmd + Option + Esc Force quit
Cmd + Option + Eject Sleep
Cmd + Control + Eject Quit all apps and restart
Control + Eject Choose between Sleep, Restart, or Shutdown
Finder Shortcuts
Enter Rename selected file or folder
Space Open preview of selected file
Shift + Cmd + G Go to folder…
Shift + Cmd + N Create new folder
Shift + Cmd + Delete Empty the trash
Shift + Cmd + Option + Delete Empty the trash immediately
Cmd + 1 Icon View
Cmd + 2 List View
Cmd + 3 Column View
Cmd + D Duplicate selected file or folder
Cmd + I Get info
Cmd + J View options
Cmd + N Open new Finder window
Cmd + T Open new Finder tab
Cmd + [ Back
Cmd + ] Forward
Cmd + Delete Move to trash
Cmd + Up Move up one folder
Cmd + Down Move down one folder
Cmd + Option + I Attributes Inspector
Cmd + Control + N With files selected, create a new folder and immediately move selected files into that folder
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