date rush

Season 4 of TV3 Date Rush has already started and viewers of the programme are giving a review of what they think of the show.

The show although the same had a change of Host from Nii Kpakpo to Giovanni Caleb.

Well, social media users are dropping their opinions on what they think of the show under the new host.

In a post in popular Facebook group Tell It All for instance, one Frank Boateng wrote that this season has ‘too much talking”, “MC fighting to be funny”, “unnecessary commentary”, ‘not well planned”, and he also called on the organisers to bring back the old Host “Kpakpo needs to be back”, he wrote.

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date rush

As if that isn’t enough, another Hon. Ali Shai also opined that the “Host doesn’t have control over the programme”, “unnecessary interuption from the ladies”, “the show is dull as compared to the previous seasons”. He continued: “the girls are being too fake”, “it looks more scripted as compared to. the previous seasons”. “Bring back Nii Kpakpo”, he also wrote at the end.

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Well, what do you also think of the show under Giovani Caleb? Let us know in the comment box below?

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