The painful regret in life is when you realize you could have loved your parents more than you did when they were alive. The time is now


    The most painful yet regrettable experience in life is when you realize you could have loved your parents more then you did after they are far dead and gone.

    As your parents grow older, their friends die and they become lonely. Phone them today and put a smile on their faces; be kind to them.

    That regret will forever be a slur on your image and identity. You will feel the heat when you see their fragile body been lowered into their poor graves.

    As we grow, we need not forget our immediate family and more especially our parents. Your parents are not necessarily your biological caretakers but anyone who showed you parental affection, love, and care.

    Our parents, when they from old behave like children. Others become emotional, quieter and go into solitude while some feel unloved, maltreated and incomprehensible.

    We begin o feel their oddness and every other thing they do really really appears odd. That is where we begin to miss the mark and start to draw away from them.

    However, there is nobody on Earth who is more concerned about your life than your parents. You may think the love of your husband or wife will last forever. That’s a big fat allusion.

    Your wife or husband will change and their love for you will undergo severe metamorphosis and sometimes die off, The relationship or marriage may come to an abrupt end.

    But your parents will always keep their eyes on you even on their sickbed. They want to feel loved. They want you to spend more time with them and they want to be understood.

    I do now want to educate you on the sacrifices they have made to see you come this far. The tears they shed, the sleepless night they had and the unending prayer filed with anxiety they offer on your behalf.

    Your parents can never be wrong or do not hold a grudge against them for whatever reason.

    A t their age, the only true meaning of their lives is made manifest in the true love you demonstrate towards them.

    Why do you have to wait until it is Christmas or you are free before you give them a call? Why do you buy the pizza and burger for yourself alone while your parents stare at the front door expectantly of your knock?

    It is time for us to channel our resources, time and talents to the betterment of the lives of our parents.

    Love them now while there is still time and they are tangible or you live to regret it.



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