rev obofour marriage secret

The founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofour has been married to his wife Ciara Antwi for 10 years now.

They’ll mark their 11th wedding anniversary come August 2021.

Coming this far is not easy and people might be wondering what the secret behind their long-lasting relationship is. We all know how marriages are not standing the test of time lately.

Well, has come out with the secret to his marriage success.

In a video trending on social media, he said love alone even though necessary is not enough for a marriage to last.

Obofour lectured that as a married couple, one thing that can keep your love going is developing friendship.

He stated that if you can see your wife as your friend, that’s when ‘I love you’ would be said and felt in the heart and not just a mere word.

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Watch the video below:

So there you have it, be your partner’s best friend if you want to have a happy long-lasting marriage.

Cook with him/her, wash together, gossip together, eat together, bath together, watch a movie together (don’t always say you’re busy), go on a trip together, eat at a good restaurant once in a while (don’t always eat at home in the name of you’re saving money), get drunk together, change the bed room styles.

These are just a few ways of bonding with your partner as a friend would do.

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